Local Attractions

  1. Sidhi Sayed Mosque
    Most predominant shrine of the Muslim community in Ahmedbad, Sidi Sayed Mosque, proffers all the glittering facets of a classy structure. It is renowned for the acclaimed fabulous Jhali screen, locates in the ten semi-circular windows. Among these windows the two that are placed on the western walls are very impressive with magnificent carvings and designs. The mosque depicts the usual yellow colour, which is quite common about the shrine of that area, but elaborate floral and architectural works made it so different from that of the others. A perfect example for the Indo-Sarcenic style, this mosque shows how a simple stone can be changed in to filigree. Do not forget to buy the miniature models of the shrine and other classic edifices with in it while on your trip.
  2. Gandhi Ashram
    A name synonymous with the historic freedom struggle of India, Sabarmati Ashram on the banks of Sabarmati River is a familiar term to each house hold in India. As the residence of Gandhiji, this Ashram had played a key role, as it was from here Gandhiji urged the people of India to raise their voice against the loathsome rule of the British. He had sowed the seeds of non violence from this Ashram. The light and sound show in the ashram gives a clear and in depth knowledge about Gandhiji’s life. It’s museum wing displays some of the original letters written by Gandiji and the photo archive depicts important moments and achievements in Gandhiji’s life. Visiting the museum is just like going through the historic era of India’s freedom struggle. One of the important edifices in the history of India, Sabarmati Ashram is a must see spectacle in Ahmedabad.
  3. Akshardham Temple
    A rare combination of tradition and expertise, Akshardam in Gandhinagar explicates the richness of Indian culture. A famous temple of the Swaminarayan sect, this cultural complex is a marvel in architecture. What makes this amazing structure so wonderful is the fact that not even a single rod of steel is used in its construction. It is learnt that the service and devotion of thousands of believers make this bewitching structure a reality. Intricately carved pink sandstone gives an enchanting look to the entire complex. Akshardham is just not a temple but it is a centre of excellence in the field of education and enlightenment. This holy shrine houses not only the 7 feet gold statue of Lord Swaminarayan, but it houses three exhibition halls highlighting the richness of Indian Culture. These halls conduct light and sound shows, a multimedia show and an animatronics show to propagate the centuries old ethnicity of Indian society.
  4. Kankaria Lake
    An artificial lake dates back to the time of Sultans, Kankaria in the south east region of Ahmedabad is a crowd puller in recent times. It was constructed by Sultan Qutab-ud-Din in 1451 AD. Formerly known as Hauj-e-Qutub, this lake was the bathing ghat of late Sultans and their queens. Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his empress wife Noor Jahan frequently visited the lake. Nagina Wadi, an island garden set in the midst of the lake is just picturesque that adds the bewitching beauty of the lake. One of the banks is connected to this island by virtue of a pathway. Another interesting pass time in the lakeside is the boating facilities. Adventurous lots and fun lovers can engage themselves with this water sport. The lake witness’s large crowd in weekends, especially in the evenings of weekends. One would not get a better place to watch sunset than Kankaria Lake. Children can enjoy the facilities in the children’s park and the adjoining zoo.
  5. Dada Hari Vav (Stepwell)
    An ancient monument that depicts the art and craft of the bygone eras, Dada Hari Vav were built during the reign of Mehmud Begda in the year 1501. This octagonal shaped step well was constructed as a tranquil retreat for the vacationer. Right from stamped floral caucuses to the wavy sculptures, each facets of Dada Hari Vav is marvelously festooned. It’s highly ornamented arches, columns and panes shows exquisite carvings and classy designs. Though these step wells boast of Muslim traditions, one can witness the handwork of Hindu artisans in its elaborate carving. Though worn out by the beatings of time, Dada Hari Vav, still grabs large crowd who gathers there to perceive the fineness and splendor of bygone eras.